le ruote ROLF PRIMA ARES4 testate da rocketbicyclestudio

qui di seguito potete trovare il testo integrale del test delle ruote ROLF PRIMA ARES4, ruote da 42mm in carbonio per copertoncino, fatto da Rocket Bicycle Studio.

Rolf Prima Ares 4 – Test Ride

When you notice quality, you research that product for a while to get as much information you need to be satisfied. You read review after review about that product before finally making the plunge to purchase.
Rolf Prima wheels posses this trait of quality. As well as something very few companies can honestly say about their product. USA Hand Made right in Eugene Oregon.
My relationship with Rolf Prima wheels started a few years ago. I believe our first date was at Interbike (where most relationships begin and some end) With a business card exchange and after few phone calls and emails, our relationship began. Now it was time to put these wheels on some clients bikes for them to experience.

Brad’s Boardman 9.2 | Rolf Prima Ares 6

Well, that did not take long as a good friend/client of ours was looking for a new TT bike and of course, race wheels. In 2014, Brad raced his best Ironman Wisconsin ever and crushed the bike course. Coming in at 4th in his age group! “I could not believe how fast and stable those wheels were”. Brad said.

I always knew about Rolf wheels because of their unique paired spoke style wheels. I remember seeing many people riding the Rolf Vigor wheels during the early 2000’s. Everyone talked about these wheels. It was like “The Wheel” for many many years. Then, as most things do, people loose interest and begin looking for the next shinny object. Thus, Rolf wheels getting pushed to the side because other companies were coming to the table with their unique style, shapes and depths.
Fast forward to 2009 when Rolf wheels were reborn and renamed themselves Rolf Prima. A few years later coming out hard with wider rim width carbon clinchers while still maintaining their US Hand Made quality. The same wheels you see above on Brads bike. And Rolf has been getting strong and stronger as a company ever since.
But what about the Ares 4 and the test ride? Oh yea, I was easily side tracked from the history of Rolf Prima. About 3 weeks ago I reached out to Matt, my domestic sales rep and asked about any demo wheels they may have in stock. reason being is that Rocket Bicycle Studio hosts an event called W.I.B.A (Wisconsin Brick Adventure) where people from all over come to Verona, WI to ride the Ironman Wisconsin bike course. Or as us locals call it, “The Loop”. A 38+ mile hilly route in which the athletes have to ride twice before heading back to down town Madison. Matt responds with saying he had a set of the Ares 4 for demo and that he would ship these our right away. Customer service #1!!
Within a few days, we received the Ares 4 complete with Continental GP 4000 (tubes of course) We had 4 people eager to test ride these beauties but we could only choose 1 at a time. Two lucky people were able to ride them and experience the comfort and feel of these amazing carbon clinchers. Ironically, each of their response was “Wow, very fast and helpful on the hills”. I appreciated their simple but candid review but had to test for myself.
First thing I noticed on the Ares 4 wheels were Rolf’s unique hub design. Solid and well built most likely due to them working with White Industries. No play with the cassette installation and felt like the cassette snapped into place.
The wheels felt quite lightweight yet sturdy with no flex. Rim profile was eye catching, smooth, wide and solid. Paired with the Conti’s (23mm) the wheel and tires seemed as one piece. Rolf calls their rim shape the “Delta” by the way.

After cleaning my chain and cassette like new, I installed the wheels to my Look 585 (lugged carbon frame) and headed out for my ride. With the continental tires and the wider rim depth, I chose to ride at 90psi. (soon after dipped down to about 85psi for another ride) Quickly stepping down on the pedals and I was off. Swerving side to side to feel how well they cornered. Within 200 yards I took a sharp left and stepped on the pedal again which shot me forward. I could immediately feel how the Ares 4 felt. The ride felt soft and subtle. Going over cracks and bumps on the road felt like nothing. Climbing also felt easy and little to no rear wheel flexing with my 185lb sculpted body. Soaring down hill felt responsive, fast and clean. My bike is installed with so so carbon brake pads which I would change out in the future. I was not impressed with my brake pads and the Ares 4 but once changed to Swiss Stop, it was night and day!

Ares 4 – Look 585

After a good 1 hour warm up, it was time to Strava and see about some KOM’s. I’d like to thank Rolf Prima wheels and their Ares 4 carbon clinchers in fulfilling my quest to take a segment. It’s no World Championship road race victory but a victory none the less. In short, these wheels are sick awesome! The ride quality is suburb, fast and smooth. It’s really great to hear and read Rolf Prima doing well as a company. Great people and excellent staff is what helps make Rolf the company they are today!

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